FOP Connect: A Peer Mentor Program

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FOP Connect: A Peer Mentor Program

The purpose of the FOP Connect: Peer Mentor Program is to connect people with FOP, family members, or caretakers with other like-minded individuals to foster friendships that are maintained with encouragement, respect and confidentiality.

Our Definition of a Mentor Relationship: A mentoring relationship is a relationship that can lead to a long-term friendship where the focus is on supporting the growth and development of the Mentee. The Mentor can be a source of wisdom, teaching and support

FOP Connect Committee chair, Nancy Sando, shares her experiences as both a Mentee and a Mentor in the FOP community.

“Early in establishing the IFOPA with founder, Jeannie Peeper, I was fortunate to be connected to a few ladies challenged with FOP that were older than I. One, in particular, Margaret Jean Jones, became very instrumental to me for many years. Her advice, friendship and understanding was by far one of my most treasured relationships. Another cherished relationship I had was to my late husband, Andy, who also had FOP. I learned a great deal about coping and caring for a loved one with FOP. You could say I've seen FOP from "both sides of the bed."

As one of the IFOPA founding members, I have seen our unique organization grow and reach places that have been awe-inspiring and encouraging. Through the years, there have been many opportunities for me to share experiences, resources and encouragement to others with FOP, their parents and others. It fits with the IFOPA’s mission of supporting our members. I believe that we can better serve our members by having a Peer Mentoring Program to connect more individuals so they too can reap benefits like I did with Margaret Jean Jones and the fourteen years of marriage I shared with Andy.”

Who Is Eligible for FOP Connect?

At this time there are three criteria that an individual must meet to be eligible as a Mentor or Mentee for FOP Connect.

  1. The individual must be at least 18 years old.*
  2. The individual must live in the U.S or Canada.*
  3. The individual must have completed a profile for the FOP Patient Directory.

*We look forward to expanding the program to include international, non-English-speaking participants and a youth version in the future, but as the program is in its pilot year the above-mentioned eligibility requirements must be met. 

If you are interested in the FOP Connect: Peer Mentor Program, please email [email protected] and the FOP Connect Committee will get back to you as quickly as possible.

The FOP Connect: Peer Mentor Program is not currently seeking additional Mentors at this time. As the program grows we will continue to increase our Mentor group. 

Want to Learn More About Our Mentors? Meet FOP Connect Mentor Patrick Doerr

FOP Connect Committee

The FOP Connect Committee is dedicated to providing Mentors and Mentees the tools for ensuring a successful relationship will develop.

Chair: Nancy Sando
Family Services Manager: Hope Newport

Please be mindful that the FOP Connect: Peer Mentor Program is a support service, and is not staffed by medical professionals. A Mentor does not offer medical advice. The information shared through our peer mentor program is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We strongly recommend that your care and treatment decisions be made in consultation with your health care professional team.

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