Quality of L.I.F.E. Award

button_submit-a-l-i-f-e-award-application.png“Living Independently with Full Equality”

The Quality of L.I.F.E. Award was developed to assist FOP individuals to live more independently in their daily lives. 

Monica.jpg“The L.I.F.E. Award for my van lift repair has increased my quality of living by having transportation to be more independent by getting out of the house! I can run my daily errands, go out with friends and family, and just enjoy the outdoors!! I'm usually in the house majority of the time. Also, the L.I.F.E. Award helped me get a computer, printer and keyboard so that I can search the Internet, work, watch movies, etc. giving me my private time for myself!! I can talk to friends by skyping!! The L.I.F.E. Award was a true blessing that enabled me to improve my independence!!” - Monica


Elena.jpg“Receiving the L.I.F.E. Award has increased my independence by achieving a new set of hearing headphones that improved the quality of my life and made it much easier. I would like to thank to everybody who had the chance to donate and to the ones that they will still do this in order to maintain the L.I.F.E. Award for us. In Romania life is hard and expensive, and without this L.I.F.E. Award I can't renew the hearing headphone, for me this award means a hope for a better life.” - Elena


Holly_LaPrade.jpg"I wanted to thank each of you for the part you played in making it possible for me to purchase my first motorized  wheelchair. I received it on Friday and it is a wonderful piece of equipment that will help me to maintain my freedom & independence - not many things in life are more important to me. As you can imagine, this was not an easy thing for me to transition to at this point in my life, but the award I received from The IFOPA boosted my spirits and helped me to feel less alone during this process." -Holly


Kathy_copy.jpeg"Receiving the L.I.F.E. Award for an aluminum rail has increased my quality of life because I was able to maneuver my front porch steps a little bit safer. Safety is a big factor when it comes to making changes around our home." -Kathy



Purpose and Guidelines for the Quality of L.I.F.E. Award

  • L.I.F.E. Awards are for patients with FOP who have provided verifiable medical confirmation of the FOP diagnosis to the IFOPA.
  • The L.I.F.E. Award is a scholarship for a maximum $1,500.00 for each FOP patient recipient. It will be the decision of the recipient as to when they use their $1,500.00 lifetime limit; all at once, or in increments.
  • The award is good for items that improve the health, welfare & independence of patients with FOP of all ages such as aids for activities of daily living, adaptive equipment, walkers and other mobility aids, bed pads and pillows, tuition or registration for vocational training, specialized bicycles, reading aids, computer hardware, assistive technology, shipping expense of donated equipment, wheelchair, adaptive bed and/or mattress, or vehicle adaptation, and any other qualifying item that improves the health, welfare & independence of patients with FOP of any age as determined by the IFOPA Executive Committee. (Note: The Award does not assist with any medical related services.)
  • Lifetime limit of $1,500 per person with FOP.
  • The IFOPA will keep the L.I.F.E. Award Fund to pay for this grant program. The money for this Fund will come from donors and family fundraisers who direct their donations to the LIFE Award Fund.
  • To be considered for a L.I.F.E. Award, the FOP individual (or parent of minor with FOP) should fill out and submit the application.

We are always taking applications for the L.I.F.E. Award. Awards will be given in the order applications are received until money in the LIFE Award Fund is used up. There are no guarantees that a request will be granted; the IFOPA Quality of LIFE Committee will review and approve applications. Donors and family fundraisers are encouraged to contribute to the LIFE Award fund so that LIFE Awards can continue to be provided to FOP patients. Questions? Contact the IFOPA


To be considered for a L.I.F.E. Award, submit an application here.


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