It’s time to get ready for Rare Disease Day 2020!

With #RareDiseaseDay on February 29, February is the perfect month to join together with the IFOPA and rare disease organizations around the world to raise awareness of the 7,000 rare diseases.

Ways to Share Your Rare in February: 

  1. Frame your Facebook profile picture for #RareDiseaseDay 
  2. Watch social media & the FOPOnline email group for Share Your Rare Wednesdays where we’ll post special rare disease articles and resources
  3. Raise awareness by sharing important rare disease facts which will be available on the IFOPA’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages the week of February 23 (we'll post two facts a day)
  4. Be a part of the worldwide campaign when you use the hashtags #cureFOP and #RareDiseaseDay when making your FOP and rare disease posts all month long
  5. Learn about the many ways the IFOPA advances FOP research in the US and around the world in a webinar on February 28 – Sign up at
  6. Look for a Rare Disease Day awareness event in your community and host an FOP table. We'll provide FOP awareness cards and bracelets to support you. Contact us at to tell us what you have planned.


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