Empowering the Participant

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Empowering the Participant

These exercises are for your whole family, not just the individual with FOP. Much like the rest of the Resilient Living program they are helpful to practice during times of stress (and pandemic) but can also be practiced year round. Each video is about four minutes long. Please read the full description for each video before watching the video. Watch Gloria's presentation Complementary Techniques to Use for Pain from the 2019 FOP Family Gathering.

**Always follow your doctor’s advice. Energy Medicine exercises are complementary and do not replace professional medical care. Please note that while the IFOPA has arranged for Gloria McCahill to present these resources as a courtesy to its membership, the IFOPA is not affiliated with Empowered by Energy, and does not endorse this or any particular treatment for its members.  The IFOPA encourages its members to consult with their individual physicians prior to beginning any course of treatment.

Video 1 of 2 in our Empowering the Participant Series: Many of us have heard the expression “nothing changes if nothing changes.” If what you have been doing is not making a positive difference in your life then it is time to make a change maybe try something different.

In this video Gloria talks about:

  • the need to get in tune with your body
  • some ways to become more aware of your body and gain your power back and
  • why this is important for the vitality of your spleen meridian

Video 2 of 2 in our Empowering the Participant Series: In this video Gloria shares several ways to empower someone to take control.  For caregivers she highlights the connection between prioritizing your needs and empowering the person with FOP. She emphasizes that we all get angry and frustrated; it’s perfectly normal, but we do not want to hold onto it.

Gloria demonstrates:

  • an exercise to release anger and frustration.
  • how to re-frame your verbal language to allow for energy to shift
  • the importance of smiling
  • and other helpful activities from previous videos to encourage your loved one to prioritize their needs.

Watch the videos in our Stress Busting Series and our Immune Boosting Series.

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