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Support Guidebooks

What is FOP? A Guidebook for Families  

For FOP families, the best place to begin is What is FOP? A Guidebook for Families first published in 1995 in conjunction with the Second International Symposium on FOP. This third edition is a comprehensive look at FOP, answering many questions commonly asked of families and medical professionals. The Guidebook contains information by Dr. Fred Kaplan and others regarding research and treatment options, as well as articles by parents of afflicted children and adults with FOP offering insights into the condition. 


What is FOP? Questions and Answers for the Children  

A separate guidebook written for an audience of children ages 7-14, What is FOP? Questions and Answers for the Children, explains FOP in easy-to-follow terms and is recommended for younger children with adult supervision. This book was written by Sarah Steele and her mother Marilyn Hair. The authors hope that this book answers some of your questions and gives ideas about where to find more help as you adjust to living with the mysterious condition we call FOP. 



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