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Ability Toolbox Program

The focus of the Ability Toolbox Program is to empower individuals with FOP by promoting independence through the use of tools and home adaptations.   

Ways the Ability Toolbox Program Can Support You



opportunities for independence and promoting higher levels of confidence.



community members with developing sustainable daily habits that promote decreased reliance on caregivers, and balance in the lives of families affected by FOP.



people to solve problems by creating tools designed to meet their own unique needs.

Watch These Video Resources on the Ability Toolbox Program

Hear the FOP community member panelists discuss tools they use every day to maintain their independence during daily routines. See examples of a few tools from these different categories: Eating and Cooking, Toileting, Bathing/Showering, Dressing and Grooming, School and Workplace, Recreation and Hobbies, Medical and Preventative Tools, and Adaptations Around the Home.

View the 2020 Presentation

View the 2019 Presentation

Learn about the importance of oral health and its impact on overall well-being in this FOP-specific dental webinar from the Ability Toolbox program. Hear recommendations from FOP dental expert Dr. Clive Friedman for preventative dental care during infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adult stages of living with FOP, including complications such as ankylosis of the jaw. Learn how FOP impacts your risk for oral disease, and view various tools and products that can assist you in decreasing those risks.


Get involved in the Ability Toolbox Program



Read our weekly posts on social media to see featured tools and tips for staying independent during daily routines.



Watch videos of community members demonstrating various tools on our YouTube channel.

Go to YouTube



Learn from our larger FOP community as they share their feedback and recommendations at small in-person meetings and larger Family Gathering presentations in the US and around the world.

Check out the Presentations



Speak with the Family Services Coordinator, or one of our Tool Ambassadors, to have your questions about tool integration and home adaptations answered. Call +1 (605) 877-5289 or email Melissa Davis, Family Services Coordinator, to learn more about the Ability Toolbox program.

Email Melissa

Explore the Ability Toolbox Online Guidebook

The IFOPA is pleased to launch a brand new resource for the FOP community — the Ability Toolbox Online Guidebook — a database of adaptive tools, equipment, home modifications and tips for the FOP community to access as a resource for independent living. Individuals with FOP and their family members and caregivers will be able to use this resource to discover and share useful tools and share tips and experiences that help make living with FOP more manageable.

The Online Guidebook has been designed to be user friendly:

  • Accessible both on a desktop and mobile phone
  • Translated into any language with the click of a button
  • Searchable by keyword, activity or mobility restriction (must search keywords in English, then can translate the text to read about the resource)
  • “Favorites” feature for later reference (available to individuals who have logged in)
  • Shareable on social media

Both commercially purchased tools and homemade tools that members of the FOP community have crafted will be featured with descriptions, pictures, tips for use, videos (if available) and links to vendor sites for purchasing.

The Online Guidebook is organized by activity and has search capabilities by keyword or mobility restriction. While the Online Guidebook searches by activity or mobility can be translated into any language, keyword searches must first be completed in English. Online Guidebook users will be able to leave reviews and comments. The Guidebook includes a login feature giving users the ability to save “Favorite” items to go back and view later.

Access the Ability Toolbox Guidebook

You don't have to login to view the database of resources to access the Online GuidebookThis allows you, your family, health care professionals, social workers, teachers, etc to view and use the Online Guidebook. To use the "Favorites" functionality to save tools to view later, you will need to login.

  • If you have already set up a profile in the Patient Directory, click the login link. 
  • If you would like to set up a profile so you can access the Patient Directory and the Guidebook with the same login set up an account. You will receive an email with your username and login within 24 hours Monday-Friday. 
  • If you are only interested in a login for the Ability Toolbox Online Guidebook, click My Account to set up an account.

Would you like to submit a picture and/or video demonstration of a tool(s) you use for inclusion in the Ability Toolbox Online Guidebook? Email them to Melissa Davis, IFOPA Family Services Coordinator.

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