Opportunity for New Patients to Enroll in Palovarotene Study

Please read Clementia's Clinical Program Announcement: Opportunity for New Adult and Older Adolescent Subjects to Enroll in Palovarotene Study. Click here. 


Celebrating One Year of Making a Difference

The FOP Registry is celebrating one year of making a difference today!

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IFOPA's Support of Clinical Trials

A Message about the IFOPA's Support for Clinical Trials

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Regeneron's Work in FOP

The International FOP Association is pleased to share the following news from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Regeneron is pleased to inform you that anti-Activin A antibody, REGN2477, is now in a clinical trial. 

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A Remarkable Record of Service – And An Important Transition

Thank you for your commitment!

Still active in the FOP community, Dr. Pignolo has a accepted a new position.  

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Next Step in Clementia's Clinical Program for FOP

Enrollment information and FAQs

The IFOPA is pleased to share the announcement and new FAQs from Clementia Pharmaceuticals regarding the palovarotene clinical trial.

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An Update on FOP Drug Development: News from the FOP Italia Annual Meeting

Summary from the IFOPA Research Committee

The FOP research landscape is evolving at a rapid pace in many wonderful ways. Global efforts to develop therapies for FOP are stronger than ever among academic and biopharmaceutical teams. The IFOPA works continuously to monitor and support these efforts, serve as an advocate for the FOP community, and inform you of progress whenever possible.

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Penn Animal Study Findings Announced

FOP Flare-Ups

The IFOPA is pleased to share the press release and editorial from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania about their Animal Study Findings on FOP Flare-Ups and Low Oxygen.

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FOP study conducted by researchers at Penn Medicine and CHOP

Results Announced

The IFOPA is pleased to share these announcements from the Perelman School of Medicine/University of Pennsylvania Health System and Clementia Pharmaceuticals sharing results of a study conducted by researchers at Penn Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) on the effects of palovarotene in an animal model of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP). 

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IFOPA Welcomes New Executive Director

Exciting News!

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