Resilient Living Program

resilient_living.pngLaunched in 2019 the Resilient Living Program focuses on the emotional, social and psychological challenges that come along with FOP. Read the news article to learn more about the launch of this new program. 

Check out this story featuring Resilient Living workshop attendee and FOP community sibling Chris Gillooly.  

Access Recordings of Resilient Living Resource Webinars

Watch the IFOPA recorded webinar to learn about the 10 facets of resilience that serve as the foundation of the Resilient Living program and future opportunities to benefit from this IFOPA program. The webinar was presented by Hayley Stolzle, Resilience Program Coordinator at Turning Point and Hope Newport, Family Services Manager at the IFOPA. 

Watch the IFOPA recorded webinar and download the slides presented by Brittany Talley, licensed professional counselor and play therapist presented a mental health webinar focusing on two of the major disorders people commonly experience: anxiety and depression. The webinar concluded with options for treatment and an FOP community discussion of how mental health disorders can be compounded by life with FOP. Additional questions from attendees prompted discussions about choosing the right therapist, resources when insurance does not pay for therapy and what you can do to support a loved one you think may be struggling with anxiety or depression. 

**These webinars were recorded live in English but can be viewed with translated subtitles. For directions on how to add subtitles in your preferred language visit this page.

Get involved in the Resilient Living Program

  1. Watch for our posts on social media to implement resilient practices in your day-to-day living.
  2. Join the FOP Connect Peer Mentor Program as a mentee.
  3. Take part in the Resilient Living Journaling workshops this year. Learn more about the adult and child workshops and sign up here.
  4. Sign up to participate in the Friendship Over Pages Book Club to connect with other members of the community and learn more about practicing resilience.

Check Out Our Library of Resiliency Resources for the FOP Family

This program is funded by a Global Genes RARE Patient Impact Grant.

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