Resiliency Grant Awarded

The IFOPA Receives $10,000 Global Genes RARE Patient Impact Grant to Launch Emotional Resiliency Training Program

The IFOPA is excited to announce it is a first-time recipient of the Global Genes RARE Patient Impact Grant. The $10,000 grant award will be used to launch the IFOPA’s Community Empowerment Through Resiliency Training Program.

The RARE Patient Impact Grant funds projects that will make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals, families and caregivers affected by rare disorders. The IFOPA’s new emotional resiliency program will accomplish this by empowering people with FOP and their families through training to improve health and coping skills and reduce anxiety and depression as they face the challenges of a chronic, debilitating disease.

Based on the facets of resiliency taught by Turning Point, the program will build on sessions at the IFOPA’s 2018 Family Gathering and offer guidance on key elements of well-being such as sleep, nutrition, pain management, optimism and emotional expression.

“We are excited to share our resilience program with the IFOPA so they can continue to provide the highest quality of education and care to their families. We are passionate about improving the lives of individuals and families living with serious or chronic illness and are looking forward to our work together,” said Moira Mulhern, Ph.D., Executive Director/Co-founder at Turning Point.

The IFOPA is proud to be chosen from hundreds of applicants for this grant and believes the Community Empowerment Through Resiliency Training Program will be a vital resource for everyone they serve.

“This training will meet a number of needs including continued education for peer mentors and requested workshops for a variety of groups at gatherings held around the world. It is an amazing opportunity for the FOP community to increase their knowledge on important aspects of self-care and strengthen our community from within,” said Hope Newport, Family Services Manager at the IFOPA.

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