Stress Busting Series

Using these Stress Busting Techniques:

These exercises are for your whole family, not just the individual with FOP. Much like the rest of the Resilient Living program they are helpful to practice during times of stress (and pandemic) but can also be practiced year round. Each video is about four to six minutes long. Please read the full description for each video before watching the video. To find the recording of Gloria’s Pain Management presentation at the 2019 FOP Family Gathering click here.

**Always follow your doctor’s advice. Energy Medicine exercises are complementary and do not replace professional medical care. Please note that while the IFOPA has arranged for Gloria McCahill to present these resources as a courtesy to its membership, the IFOPA is not affiliated with Empowered by Energy, and does not endorse this or any particular treatment for its members.  The IFOPA encourages its members to consult with their individual physicians prior to beginning any course of treatment.

Video 1 of 3 in our Stress Busting Series: In this video Gloria talks about the effect the fight flight freeze response can have on our immune system. The triple warmer is a meridian that governs our fight flight freeze response, our immune system and our ability to manage stress. Did you know that trouble regulating body temperature, muscle tension, seasonal allergies, many psychological issues and addictions can all be signs of imbalance in the triple warmer system? 

Gloria shares several methods for supporting balance in the triple warmer system including:

  • Being aware of the particular two hour window of the day when this energy system gets it high fuel time
  • A quick exercise using color to help calm the triple warmer

Video 2 of 3 in our Stress Busting Series: In this video Gloria talks about the many ways stress affects our body.  This includes it’s effect on the individual’s muscles, allergies and relationships with others to name a few. Gloria continues to teach effective methods for supporting the body during times of stress by demonstrating how to clear the triple warmer/adrenal neurolymphatic points. *If there is a wound/FOP flare-up in the area do not do the points in that specific location.

The triple warmer plays a major role in the body’s stress response by:

  • governing the adrenal glands
  • producing more adrenaline giving you a feeling that you have a lot of energy when in fact you are actually running on adrenaline
  • prolonging the stress response for too long can result in a sudden crash of the energies of the body’s immune system

Video 3 of 3 in Our Stress Busting Series: In this video Gloria demonstrates a variety of exercises that can be done in less than 30 seconds to incorporate energy medicine practices into your day-to-day routine.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to do a hook up and the many ways it can help you
  • How to get a quick boost of energy when you are tired
  • How to cross your energy and why it is important to do

All of the above exercises are demonstrated in multiple ways to empower everyone to participate even if they are unable to reach different parts of their body due to limited movement.

Check out the videos in our Immune Boosting Series and our Empowering the Participant Series.

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