The IFOPA to Expand FOP Research with In Pursuit of a Cure Campaign

Campaign to fund new competitive grants in drug development and the organization’s first-ever targeted grant for gene therapy research

The recently launched In Pursuit of a Cure Campaign will expand FOP research to fund new Accelerating Cures and Treatments (ACT) for FOP competitive research grants in drug development and the IFOPA’s first-ever targeted research grant in gene therapy.
A consortium of gene therapy experts and FOP specialists will collaborate to help guide this FOP gene therapy research.
"We are committed to exploring every avenue of research toward a cure for FOP,” said IFOPA Research Development and Partnerships Director Adam Sherman. “Our priority today is to support ongoing research as well as current and future clinical trials in FOP.  However, gene therapy is a long road, and we must leave no stone unturned in the search for a cure,” he said.
The campaign goal is to raise $250,000 toward the expansion of FOP research. The first $50,000 in donations will be matched.

The IFOPA has more information about what gene therapy is, how you can help spread the word, details about the live virtual event, and how you can support the campaign.

“We’ve come so far — with the identification of the FOP gene in 2006 and the development of potential treatments — but we still have far to go,” said IFOPA Executive Director Michelle Davis. “If research fails, that will still lead us to new paths.” Did you miss the press release about the campaign? Read it here.

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