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Learn more about what gene therapy is and its potential in the search for a cure for FOP.

Gene therapy is an approach to treating diseases that seeks to modify or introduce genes into a patient's body. Genes are the “blueprint” for how your body functions. People with FOP have a difference in their genes that causes excess bone to grow. Gene therapy may be a way to correct that difference.

The IFOPA’s first-ever gene therapy research grant has been awarded to Jae-Hyuck Shim, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine/Division of Rheumatology Immunology and Microbiology Program at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and to Guangping Gao, PhD, Professor of Microbiology and Physiological Systems at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr. Gao is also the Past President of the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy and Director of the Horae Gene Therapy Center at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. A consortium of gene therapy experts and FOP specialists will collaborate to help guide this FOP gene therapy research.

There are 2 easy ways for you to learn more about gene therapy:
  1. Watch this video from the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy to learn the basics of gene therapy.
  2. On August 13 join us for an interactive webinar
    with IFOPA’s Research Committee Chair Betsy Bogard and Research Director Adam Sherman to learn more about how gene therapy might be used for FOP.
Then help us Spread the Word and kick off the In Pursuit of a Cure Campaign.

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