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Research is the key.
Together, let's find a cure for FOP.

Spread the word.

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None of the incredible progress we’ve made in FOP research — identification of the FOP gene and the development of potential treatments — would be possible without the dedication of our community. And while we’ve come so far, we still have far to go.

We can search for treatments and a cure together. The IFOPA invites you to join the In Pursuit of a Cure Campaign to expand FOP research — and we hope you will invite your friends and family to join as well!

Our FOP families and communities are the best fundraisers! As we work toward our $250,000 goal, please help kick off the In Pursuit of a Cure Campaign.

Want to learn more about how you can help? Join IFOPA staff for a Virtual Meetup on August 5 at either 7 am ET/11 am GMT or 4 pm ET/8 pm GMT. You can see what a personal fundraising page looks like and find out about resources available to help you invite your friends and family.
Video Meetup on Computer
Virtual Meetup Morning
Video Meetup on Computer
Virtual Meetup Afternoon

Set Up a Personal Fundraising Page

We have everything you need to start your own In Pursuit of a Cure fundraiser.
  • We’ll provide you a page where you can share your FOP story, photos and why you want to see FOP research grow.
  • Or we can provide a generic FOP community template for you.
  • You’ll set a goal and have a unique URL to send out to your friends and family.
  • You’ll get updates on who has donated to your campaign.

Invite Your Friends and Family to Our Virtual Event

We can provide you postcards or an electronic flyer to invite your friends and family to the August 26 / 27 event — In Pursuit of a Cure - An Evening of Inspiration and Possibility with the IFOPA. Email Cathryn Roys, Community Fundraising Manager, to get your postcards and/or electronic flyer.

TAKE ACTION and kick off
the In Pursuit of a Cure Campaign.

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