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The IFOPA realizes now more than ever it is difficult to stay connected with your social support network. To assist families in their desire to connect with the FOP community, and the vast amount of knowledge and reassurance it provides, the IFOPA has created a separate Zoom account which can be reserved for FOP community chats. The Zoom platform can be accessed free of charge from your phone, laptop, tablet or computer.

Please read the following information to learn how you can reserve a time to connect.

Guidelines for Use

  • The person requesting the reservation (the moderator) must be the same person leading the community chat and meet the following criteria:
    • Be over the age of 18
    • Be an individual with FOP or immediate family member (significant other, mother, father, sibling)
    • Be available to answer emails from the Family Services Manager and confirm that attendees requesting to join the meeting are part of their FOP support network
  • The moderator must remain on the meeting until the end to monitor and remove any participants not affiliated with the community or behaving inappropriately.
  • The meeting may not be used as a platform to sell products/merchandise or provide any form of clinical therapy.
  • The meeting may not be recorded. 
  • The meeting may not last longer than 2 hours.
  • The same person may not reserve more than one meeting/week.

Steps to Reserving a Meeting Time

Step 1: To request a meeting, please email Family Services Manager Hope Newport.

Step 2: The IFOPA will create a registration link for your meeting. You may share that link on social media when you invite people to join your meeting.

Step 3: Every person who would like to access your meeting must register and be approved by the IFOPA. Once approved by the IFOPA, meeting attendees will receive a link to join the Zoom meeting. This link will not be sent out until the day of the meeting and cannot be shared on social media. 

Step 4: The individual from the community leading the meeting must log on to start the meeting so that the IFOPA can transfer host status to them and point out the features for removing participants from the meeting.

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