Ongoing Clinical Trials in FOP

Clinical trials are an integral part of drug development and are required before a medicine can be approved for prescription use. Read below to learn more about clinical trial basics and the various stages of clinical testing.

Active Trials

The Interactive Drug Development Chart highlights drugs for FOP that are currently in preclinical or clinical studies. Preclinical research refers to drugs being tested in animals to assess a drug’s toxicity, before testing in humans. Clinical trials test whether a drug is both safe and effective in humans and are typically broken into three phases of development (Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3). In rare diseases, however, some drugs may receive regulatory approval without completing all three phases. To learn more about drug development and clinical trials, please visit the IFOPA’s drug development page.

The IFOPA lists sponsors that adhere to international regulatory and clinical standards and conduct ethical and transparent research. The IFOPA attempts to update this chart as soon as changes are available. Please be advise there may be delays in updating this chart.

  Preclinical Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Approved
Palovarotene (Clementia Pharmaceuticals)  
REGN 2477 (Regeneron)  
Rapamycin (Kyoto University)  

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