IFOPA Hosts Drug Development Forum

The IFOPA hosted the second Drug Development Forum Oct. 24 to 25 in Boston, Massachusetts

The very popular Forum brings together both academic and pharmaceutical researchers to address important questions and challenges of therapeutic development for FOP.


(Photo - Left to right: Sienna Otto, Dr. Kaplan and Raina Halford)

The meeting’s agenda was designed to share learnings from active research and drug development efforts worldwide, stimulate new ideas to help advance therapeutic development as efficiently as possible, and facilitate collaboration among interested researchers.  (Photo - Left to right: Sienna Otto, Dr. Kaplan and Raina Halford)

Moira Liljesthrom, IFOPA Board Member and Chair of the IFOPA Research Committee, says these events are important because they “bring together researchers, pharmaceutical companies, clinicians and FOP families to facilitate the exchange, the discussion and the sharing of information…In doing so, Forums promote the understanding of FOP and accelerate the way to a treatment.”

The Forum also included two patient panels. Ensuring that researchers hear the experience of those living with FOP, as well as their perspective, is critical to research, drug development and clinical trials.

The next Drug Development Forum will be held in Italy in 2017. Learn more about the academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies that were represented at the event, see feedback on the Forum, view photos and see a presentation on Forum outcomes.


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