Support the First-Ever Global FOP Awareness Day

Celebrate Awareness Day with a Gift that Will be Matched

Our 2021 Awareness Day Campaign is extra special this year!

On April 23, we’ll celebrate the 15th anniversary of the FOP gene discovery announcement and all the progress – and hope – it has made possible.

We’ll also renew our commitment to raise awareness as 11 FOP national organizations representing 15 countries come together for our first-ever Global FOP Awareness Day. We’re “Uniting to Cure FOP.” See all the ways you can participate in Global FOP Awareness Day and please invite your family and friends to join you.

Right now, generous friends of the IFOPA are matching donations up to $40,000 – our largest match in support of Awareness Day yet! Please be a part of this global effort and make a gift that will be DOUBLED and have 2X the impact.

Awareness is the first step to helping more people get an accurate diagnosis. The sooner someone is diagnosed with FOP, the sooner we can get them on the path to the best medical care, include them in vital research opportunities and connect them to education and support services.

In “Uniting to Cure FOP,” your support makes it possible for the IFOPA to do mission-critical work like:

  • Raise awareness of FOP in the pediatric medical community
  • Host another virtual, global Family Gathering in 2021
  • Screen four new potential drug treatments in the Preclinical Drug Testing Program
  • Fund new FOP research grants – like the first-ever research grant the IFOPA recently awarded in Israel
  • Grow family support and education to continue serving families in the U.S. and provide increased assistance to international, non-English-speaking families

You’ve helped us make incredible strides in FOP research, family education and support services and FOP awareness. Let’s not stop now!

Thank you for taking part in this important day. By “Uniting to Cure FOP,” we can make a larger impact for the FOP community — and get closer to treatments and a cure.



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