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In our first episode of the 2022 Advocacy Series, IFOPA Family Services Manager, Hope Newport speaks with FOP community member, Whitney Weldon about her motivation to attend college, what she's learned in her career journey so far, and how she's navigated the challenges FOP and COVID-19 lay in her path. 

In our second episode of the 2022 Advocacy Series, IFOPA Family Services Manager, Hope Newport speaks with FOP community member, Laura Rossano about her journey through college to her current career field. Laura shares her mentality for facing the challenges of life with FOP and how she can now support other individuals with disabilities as they traverse their own career journeys.

Resource Webinar

Annie Tulkin, Founder and Director of Accessible College joined the FOP community to share her expertise on how to help students be prepared to request accommodations, navigate campus, and manage school alongside personal care and health needs.

You can download the slides from this presentation here.

For more in-depth resources on the next phase of career exploration, Understanding Career Opportunities and Employment Benefits, we highly recommend exploring this guide created by Global Genes.

Global Genes is a global non-profit advocacy organization for individuals and families fighting rare and genetic diseases. 

Community Panel

Listen in as FOP Community members share their experiences from the college and career setting in the following professions:

Will Hayes (Sports Management), US
· Kim Shields (Social Work), US
· Patrick Doerr (Accounting), US
· Kathy Ford (Emergency Dispatch), US
· Luc Schroots (App Development), The Netherlands
· Ciske Faber (Human Resources), South Africa


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