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Specialized School Plan Tips Shared by Rory Otto

If your child has an existing 504 Plan, spring is the time for your annual meeting. Typical attendees include your child's teacher, school nurse, school psychologist, physical education teacher and a representative from the district. Each team member will give an update on your child and you will have a turn to speak as well.

Here are some tips from FOP parent, Rory Otto, to help you prepare for your meeting.

  • In advance of the meeting, note what is working well for your child, as well as any modifications that need updates.
  • Example accommodations that individuals with FOP have received are:
    • 1:1 aide
    • Preferential seating (e.g. custom chairs with a back and/or arms and seating less likely to be bumped)
    • Accommodations to move from class to class early before hallways are crowded
    • Accommodations for physical education
    • Individual plans for emergencies and drills
    • Medication kept/administered at school
    • Alcohol-free hand sanitizer kept at desk and/or own supplies to prevent spread of germs
  • Now is also the time to schedule your child's annual physical as appointments often fill up towards the end of the school year and early in the summer. Check with your school on when the physical needs to be completed as they typically need to take place within a few months of the start of the next school year. Make sure your bring:
    • School forms that require doctor's signatures
    • Accommodations for physical education
    • Immunization medical exemption forms
    • Also request extra prescriptions for medication to be administered at school
  • If your child is just starting school and/or doesn't yet have a 504 Plan:
    • Obtain documentation of disability (e.g. a doctor's diagnosis of FOP)
    • Contact your school district for evaluation. Evaluations may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and an educational and/or psychological assessment
    • If your child also requires specialized instruction, you may also pursue an IEP*
  • At your first 504 Plan meeting, the team will review your child's evaluation results with you. Helpful items that you can bring include:

*Learn the difference between a 504 and an IEP here

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