New Clinical Studies & Trials Resource for the FOP Community

After many years of successful basic and translational research, we are living in an important and exciting era where there are multiple clinical studies and trials for FOP. These studies and trials, taking place around the world, advance the understanding of FOP and test potential treatments. The IFOPA is dedicated to providing you with up-to-date information on clinical studies and trials. We are pleased to share an important new resource – – which includes:

  • Overview of clinical trials, including an explanation of clinical trial phases
  • Videos and webinars on drug development and clinical trials
  • Questions to ask when participating in clinical trials
  • List of FOP clinical trials, including enrollment criteria and status updates
  • List of FOP clinical study opportunities
  • Explanation of FOP pathway signaling
  • Clinical trials glossary
  • Email to submit questions

Many of the pages can be translated using the "Select Language" button in the upper left corner of the website. 

Other Ways to Stay Informed About FOP Clinical Studies and Trials

In addition to the new web pages, there are additional ways you can stay informed: 

  • Participate in the FOP Registry. During enrollment you will be given the option to indicate whether you want to be contacted about research opportunities.
  • Follow the IFOPA on social media, especially the IFOPA's Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn. As studies and trials are enrolling, we will post announcements.
  • Visit the website, which offers a comprehensive list of clinical studies taking place around the world. Search for FOP clinical trials using the keyword “FOP”.

Treatments for FOP can only advance when those living with the condition participate in clinical trials. We are pleased to provide these resources to inform and educate the FOP community.

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