‘Thank You for Putting a Smile On My Son’s Face’

L.I.F.E. Award allows Goodnews to live more independently and return to school

Hope Okechukwu and her son Goodnews live in Nigeria. Because of FOP, Goodnews, 10, has limited mobility and was struggling to complete tasks around their home. Adding to his frustrations, it appeared Goodnews couldn’t continue his education after primary school because of the cost to attend.  

After another FOP family in their area connected the Okechukwus with the IFOPA, things are looking up for Goodnews. He was granted a L.I.F.E. Award to pay for tuition and tools to improve his independence. He received a protective headgear, shower and hygiene aids, a grabber tool and tablet.

The Harold & Elaine Kaplan Quality of L.I.F.E. Award program provides grants to people like Goodnews, who are living with FOP. Recipients can use the assistance to purchase adaptive equipment, make home modifications, or pay tuition that improves their life with FOP. Awards have been used for home, school and workplace comfort, as well as communication or mobility aids. It's up to the person living with FOP to decide what will be of help to them.

Today, the IFOPA is truly global in scale. As our community expands to new countries, demand for this type of assistance continues to increase. For many years, the L.I.F.E. Awards have had more funding than grants distributed, but the demand for L.I.F.E. Awards has increased 400% and we need your help. For those looking to help people living with FOP, supporting the L.I.F.E. Awards is one of the best ways to have a direct effect.

“The tuition and adaptive tools made a great impact in our lives,” said Hope. “Goodnews is now able to do some things on his own, and he enjoys using the new items, because here in Nigeria, there’s nothing like them.

“My son wants to go to school,” she continued. “He loves it, and he’s brilliant. So, when the award paid for his tuition, it made Goodnews happy again. Thank you for putting a smile on my son’s face.”

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