IFOPA Supports Fundraisers with Experienced Staff and New Digital Resources

“In Honor Of” fundraising increases impact of grassroots campaigns

Sara_Brown_300_pixels.jpg“Families affected by FOP go above and beyond to raise both awareness and funds in support of the IFOPA’s mission,” says Michelle Davis, Executive Director for the IFOPA. “We want to do all we can to support them.”

This summer, the IFOPA enhanced its support of these dedicated friends and families with improved online fundraising technology and a dedicated, experienced team member, Sara Brown, to further their fundraising efforts. Sara comes to the IFOPA having worked most recently for the PKD Foundation where she assisted families with their locally organized events and created national events for the PKD community to participate in.

“Grassroots campaigns have always been at the heart of IFOPA fundraising,” says Sara. Now the IFOPA is offering a new tool to support fundraising efforts in the digital space.

“This is the next step for us, and a great way to provide extra support to fundraisers in the FOP community,” Sara explains.

“In Honor Of” fundraising allows anyone to create a webpage for their personal fundraising campaign or event. You can share information about you, the person with FOP who inspires you to fundraise and post photos or videos.

“The FOP community is really great at rallying their networks to inspire gifts both large and small,” Sara shares. “We want to help them be even more successful by reaching out to a wider group online.”

IFOPA board member Gary McGuire initiates annual email campaigns on behalf of his daughter Natalie who has FOP. He’s been surprised at how effective grassroots fundraising can be.

“I have been totally amazed and awed at the generosity people have shown in my annual email fundraising campaign,” Gary explains. “I am fortunate to know some very generous people who have the means to make significant donations. A lot of people are touched by the fact that FOP impacts the lives of children, and they like that their generosity is meaningful.”

This new initiative also provides tools and tips on how to run successful fundraising campaigns, as well as ongoing monitoring of progress towards fundraising goals.

Sara is excited about the potential to boost campaign results, most importantly because it will allow the community to reach more people.

“I hope people think outside the box with this,” Sara concludes. “We’re excited to support the creativity and passion of IFOPA fundraisers, and feel this will help make their efforts more personal and more successful.”

Create a page for your fundraising campaign here. Sara works from her home in Colorado and can be reached at [email protected]. Please reach out to her for help getting your fundraising started.


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