Head Back to School with Resources to Educate and Inform About FOP

Raina is excited for middle school to start

As many of our pediatric community members return to the classroom, we hope they feel prepared and confident about educating their peers, teachers and administration about FOP-specific needs and concerns.

Thanks to various members of the FOP community, we're able to share the following tools and resources to support families in this transition.

  1. The Same But Different: Life with FOP Classroom Video

  2. Supporting a Child with FOP: A Practical Guide to Their Learning Journey by FOP Friends

  3. Personalized Emergency Medical Form (available in 5 languages)

  4. Examples of Classroom Talks (shared by various members of the FOP community)

  5. Grade/Age-Specific Tips for Navigating FOP and School

Looking for something specific? Please feel free to reach out to Family Services Manager Hope Newport at [email protected] for additional support.

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