Stay Up-to-Date with "Did You Know?"

A new way to depict fact from fiction

The FOP community is experiencing an exciting time with multiple drug development programs by pharmaceutical and biotech companies, FOP researchers around the world learning more about FOP and pathways to treatments, and the growth of the FOP Patient Registry, to name a few recent advancements.  

With so much happening, we want to ensure that the community hears the most up-to-date information about FOP and the IFOPA, and clarify when information is misleading or confusing. Sometimes, there is information it would be helpful for the FOP community to know that just isn’t being widely distributed. So we’re making a point to address these communication challenges using this special "Did You Know?" image you see here.










Watch for the new "Did You Know?" image on social media, the website and in IFOPA communications. 

If you have ideas for information you feel it would be helpful to promote as a "Did You Know?" item, please send your ideas to [email protected].

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