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Ideas for boosting the spirits of loved ones with FOP

Caregiver_Word_Art.pngThe following ideas are being used with permission from the caregivers and people with FOP who shared them. The tips shared stemmed from a woman asking for advice online about how to help people with FOP feel more independent—and how to let them know they are blessings to their loved ones and not burdens. 

  • Offer to help people with FOP with tasks before they need to ask for help
  • Be a good listener and anticipate their needs
  • Use phrases like, “I’m making myself something to eat. Would you like something?”
  • Include loved ones with FOP in invitations to watch movies, go to restaurants and just hang out so time together is truly recreational and doesn’t seem obligatory
  • Reinforce that caring for a loved one with FOP is a choice you’re making freely
  • Remind them of the things they do that are helpful. For instance, caregivers may help their loved one get dressed or bathe, but perhaps the person with FOP handles finances and paying bills for the household or helps out in other ways
  • Find ways to keep people with FOP involved in activities and plan things to do that keep them engaged and focused on get-togethers, dinners, trips and experiences 

If you have ideas for making loved ones with FOP feel less discouraged and more independent, please share them at [email protected].

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