FOP Student Back to School Checklist

  1. Verify everyone has a copy of your child’s 504/individualized education program (IEP) plancountry-school.gif
  2. Meet with teacher/nurse/occupational therapist (OT) to discuss any classroom modifications
  3. Make sure your child has an up to date physical
  4. File an immunization medical exemption form (contact your district office)
  5. Get a note for any modifications (e.g. no contact sports) needed in physical education (PE)
  6. Have a doctor's orders for any medication given at school (e.g. when and how to administer prednisone)
  7. Ask to talk to your child’s class about FOP. Click "FOP talk" for a great example of a classroom talk prepared by FOP mom Amanda Cali.

Read our latest tips for preparing for the coming school year.

Thank you FOP moms Rory Otto and Amanda Cali for sharing back to school advice.

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