A Life in the Arts

Sharing her passion of creativity

Adrienne1.jpgBorn into a creative family, becoming a painter and later a writer came naturally to Adrienne Bailin. In her 20's, she worked at a large art supply store in Hollywood, CA. Meeting artists, designers and other creative types sparked a desire to pursue her own creative inclinations.

Enrolling at the Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles, her love of color and appreciation of good design took hold. Abstract paintings were among the first pieces she exhibited and sold. Following that, hand-painted wood furniture was added to her repertoire. Part of the fun in that phase of her creativity was visiting estate sales, swap meets, garage sales and eclectic furniture stores for pieces to paint. When Adrienne's FOP diagnosis came in mid-life, the physicality of that type of work became too demanding, so she decided to pursue her lifelong love of the written word, and is now working on her memoirs.

Wanting to share her passion for the power of language, Adrienne works as a reading tutor at the Waldorf School in Sarasota, FL, and also as a volunteer with the "Back to Basics" reading program near her home.

One of her guiding principles is that an iron will coupled with a resilient spirit is a potent combination with which to greet life. 

Questions for Adrienne Bailin? You can contact her at [email protected].

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