Travel and/or Lodging Stipends

The travel and lodging stipends provided by the IFOPA are intended to serve as a resource for families whose financial circumstances would otherwise prevent them from being able to attend the Family Gathering. There are two types of stipends available.

Those living with FOP (or their parents if they are under 18) are eligible to apply for one or both stipends.

  1. Lodging stipends will cover up to 3 nights of lodging (depending on where you are traveling from) for one room. Of note, most rooms with a king bed also have a pull-out sofa sleeper.
  2. Total travel stipends will not exceed $750 for a maximum of two people.

The deadline to apply for a travel or lodging stipend was April 15. Applicants will be notified by May 1 with the outcome of their application.

Important Notes:

All lodging stipends must be used to book a room at the hotel reserved by the IFOPA where the Family Gathering will be held. The rate is $199 per night. 

If you have previously received a travel or lodging stipend for an FOP Family Gathering, you may apply but those that have never received stipends will be considered before those who have received a stipend in the last five years. Please note, if you have only received one of the two types of stipends (for example, only a lodging stipend) in the past five years you may still apply for the other type of stipend that you have not received (for example, a travel stipend).

If you are awarded a travel and/or lodging stipend you will be asked to sign a travel and/or lodging stipend agreement. If you do not attend the Gathering, you must reimburse the IFOPA for the stipend you received, unless the cancellation is due to a medical emergency. If you experience a medical emergency and are able to receive a full or partial refund from travel and/or lodging vendors, you must refund any amounts you have received to the IFOPA.

There are a limited amount of dollars available for stipends, and the dollars will be allotted on a first-come, first served basis for those individuals who meet the necessary qualifications (see stipend amounts listed in items 1 and 2 above).

Questions about the Travel and Lodging Stipends?

If you have questions about the travel and lodging stipends, please send us an email or contact Hope Newport, Family Services Manager at (816) 854-0920.

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