Danni Lang Honors Her Sister, Heather Niles, with Her Monthly Gift

Growing up with a sister who had FOP gave Danni Lang a deep appreciation for the IFOPA and the FOP community. With National Siblings Day this month on April 10, Lang wants to honor her sister, Heather Niles, who passed away in 2012, and encourage support for the programs that meant a lot to her family. She’s found monthly giving is the easiest way to contribute and hopes more people will join the Focus On Possibilities team.
“My family had the pleasure of being supported by the IFOPA since my older sister was diagnosed with FOP in the mid-90s. We didn't always have the means to be financial supporters, though,” recalled Lang.
“When I got my first full-time career job, I knew I wanted to make giving to the IFOPA a part of my budget. Giving a small amount each month was the perfect way for me to give back to an organization that has done so much for my sister and our family while keeping a tight budget.” 

Lang appreciates the convenience of having an automatic gift set up so that she doesn’t have to remember to make a donation. She’s also grateful she can watch her gifts add up over time, along with those from other monthly donors, to make a tangible difference for people with FOP and their families.
“I've seen the IFOPA really blossom the last few years. There’s more support for siblings of those with FOP,” Lang said.
“They also keep innovating ways for the community to stay connected, which has always been important, but was made even more evident with COVID-19. My monthly gift is one way I can keep cheering the team on and supporting all the wonderful work they’re doing.”
Staying connected through the updates provided to monthly donors has been a highlight for Lang. She values ongoing research developments, and loves getting to know about the people involved in the IFOPA and how the FOP community is growing stronger together.
“There are so many more people around the world now who have connected to the IFOPA. It's incredible that such a rare disease has built a home for so many diverse people. It makes me feel like our community has the power to advocate for needed medical care, research and quality of life,” Lang stated.
But most of all, each donation is a special way for Lang to remember her sister.
“I always get a smile when I see my receipt pop into my inbox every month after my automatic gift goes through,” said Lang. “It's nice to know my monthly gift is memorializing my sister.”
The IFOPA is grateful for the amazing generosity of our monthly donors. Please help us reach our goal of welcoming 100 members to the Focus On Possibilities monthly giving team in 2021 at ifopa.org/monthly_giving. For more information, contact Fundraising and Special Projects Manager Cathryn Roys at [email protected].

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