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Hear why this researcher is proud to be an IFOPA monthly donor

Daniel Perrien, PhD, built connections with individuals with FOP and their families through his own research, as well as work on the FOP Biobank while at Vanderbilt University. Now an associate professor at the ‎Emory University School of Medicine, he’s continuing to study FOP and his family is committed to providing support as a monthly donor.

“I want to pay back a little bit of what I have received from the IFOPA and the FOP community, and the automatic monthly donation is a near effortless way to do it,” Dan said.

“I get to contribute to the mission of finding FOP treatments every day. My lab benefits from the IFOPA’s research funding and the FOP community’s participation in research studies, but I personally benefit from the friendships, personal stories and witnessing the hope and camaraderie in the community. Since the IFOPA is responsible for those connections, I want to do what I can to support all of their programs.”

Combined with gifts from other monthly donors, each contribution becomes an important source of funding – more than $52,000 annually. It’s simple and quick to set up an automatic monthly gift in any amount, and it lets each donor do what they can to make a real difference.

“As a monthly donor, you know you’re helping the entire FOP community,” Dan said.

“And this is the easiest way to do it! Even the smallest monthly donation adds up over time. You won’t forget to mail the check and budgeting a few dollars a month is much easier than waiting for a little extra money that never seems to appear.”

Monthly donors also are some of the first people to hear updates from the IFOPA, which Dan values.

“I love hearing about the lives of FOP community members, their challenges, successes and failures, and unmet opportunities where we can help,” he said.

The IFOPA is thankful for the incredible generosity of our monthly donors. Please help us reach our goal of reaching 100 monthly donors in 2021 at For more information, contact Fundraising and Special Projects Manager Cathryn Roys at [email protected].


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