Ipsen's Palovarotene Receives Regulatory Approval from Health Canada

SohonosTM approved for the reduction of the formation of heterotopic ossification

Health Canada has approved the use of SohonosTM (palovarotene capsules) for the reduction of formation of heterotopic ossification in adults and children aged 8 years and above for females and 10 years and above for males with FOP.

It is important to note that Sohonos is only approved for eligible patients with FOP living in Canada. Ipsen is in ongoing discussions with other regulatory authorities about the approval of Sohonos in other countries.

This decision marks the first approval for a treatment for FOP. We want to thank all of the FOP community members who have participated in clinical studies and trials. Your efforts and commitment have made this moment - the first approved treatment for FOP - possible. We're also grateful to the clinicians who led clinical trial sites and supported our families during their participation. We also want to thank the employees of Clementia and Ipsen for their commitment to the development of a treatment for FOP.

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