Hopeful Father Gives to Find Answers

Monthly Donor Tage Hansen and Family Give All They Can to Help

For years, Tage Hansen has generously supported the IFOPA. His daughter’s diagnosis motivated him to become a monthly donor.

“Our lovely daughter seemed healthy until she was injured in a sports match when she was 12 years old,” shared Hansen. “That’s when she was diagnosed with FOP, which at the time, we really knew nothing about.”

More knowledgeable today, Hansen realizes how important research — and the funding that makes it possible — is to help those living with FOP. His monthly gift supports the Accelerating Cures and Treatments for FOP Grant Program (ACT for FOP), which provides aid to experts conducting vital research.

For him, the best part of being a monthly donor is to know that his contribution directly supports scientific progress.

“I’m hopeful that with our donation, we can make a difference to help discover a cure for FOP,” said Hansen. “That’s the best thing to me.”

“Hansen and his family live in Denmark. As a member of the Focus on Possibilities monthly giving team, he is among the first people to receive updates from the IFOPA and can stay closely connected, no matter where he’s located.

“As an organization, the IFOPA is very good about passing on information,” he said.

“Eagerly anticipating research progress and news, he appreciates being able to stay up to date on developments and programs that could help his daughter and others in the FOP community. Between those updates, Hansen and his family remain committed to doing anything they can to make a difference.

“In our opinion, it’s important to support those living with this rare illness and give all we can to help,” he said.

Hansen knows making a monthly gift is one of the most effective ways to do this. Combined with gifts from other monthly donors, each dollar given contributes to a steady and critical source of funding for IFOPA services and programs, like ACT for FOP. As a monthly donor, it’s incredibly easy for Hansen and others to make a real impact.

The IFOPA is thankful for the incredible generosity of our monthly donors. We welcomed the first 100 members to the Focus On Possibilities team in May. Let’s keep the momentum going and reach 125 by the end of 2021! Sign up at ifopa.org/monthly_giving. For more information, contact Fundraising and Special Projects Manager Cathryn Roys at [email protected].


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