FOP Community Members Get Creative in Raising Funds for Awareness Day

While FOP Awareness Day 2021 was the 15th celebration of the FOP gene discovery announcement, there were some fundraising firsts too. Four FOP community members got creative with their fundraising activities this year and hosted brand new events that raised over $21,000!

IFOPA_GamingForaCure.jpgAndrew Davis hosted Gaming for a Cure: Jackbox Games Style and treated his friends and guests to a month-long series of video games. Whether they were trying to Survive the Internet and write the most embarrassing comments or bluff their way to win Fibbage, Andrew and his friends treated everyone to fun and games every Friday and Saturday night in April while raising funds to support the IFOPA.

Random_Acts_of_Kindness.jpgThe Gonzales family created Random Acts of Kindness in honor of AJ and they raised awareness and funds while spreading kindness around their community. People around town paid it forward in Starbucks lines, delivered unexpected treats to classrooms and offices, donated meals and baskets and left extra generous tips to restaurant workers. Each treat was accompanied with a card that introduced everyone to FOP and ways to donate and get involved.  

IFOPA_RidingforaCure.pngThe Hanf family hosted Riding for Tyler - #cureFOP to celebrate their first-ever FOP Awareness Day. New to the FOP community in the fall of 2020, Kim Hanf dedicated herself to raising funds and awareness in support of Awareness Day with something her family loves—riding horses. Ten family friends formed fundraising teams to support the event and friends around the country rode horses in April and May to raise FOP awareness.

The Porter family recently relocated from California to Texas and they capitalized on the move to clean out their closets with a gently used shoe and clothing fundraiser. They promoted the fundraiser to their family, friends and neighbors and they collected 68 bags of donated shoes and clothing!


Wendy Henke promoted FOP Awareness Day with a #FunFeet4FOP day at Caravel Academy in Bear, Delaware, and the school responded by allowing students to wear sandals and flip-flops (normally not permitted with school uniform rules). Wendy decorated her own mismatched shoes with #cureFOP pins through her laces and a great time was had by all who participated. 

Thank you, Andrew, the Gonzales family, the Hanf family, the Porter family and Wendy for hosting such fun and creative ways to raise funds and awareness for FOP Awareness Day.

If you want to get started fundraising, contact IFOPA Fundraising and Special Projects Manager Cathryn Roys or call +1 843-709-3244.

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