David Rocke

David RockeTreasurer

David’s daughter Miriam was diagnosed with FOP at the age of 12 in 1990. He attended the First International Symposium on FOP in September 1991, where he met many founding members of the IFOPA, as well as Fred Kaplan and Mike Zasloff.

Since then, he has co-authored more than a dozen papers on various aspects of FOP.

David has been on the faculty of the University of California, Davis since 1980. He is currently Distinguished Professor of Biostatistics and Biomedical Engineering. David’s research group works on methods for bioinformatics and data analysis of complex biological data. He also collaborates with many researchers in medicine and biology.

His financial experience includes qualification in four examinations of the Society of Actuaries and serving as treasurer for the Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology and the Association of Clinical and Translational Statisticians. 

“The overriding goal of the IFOPA is to find a cure for FOP, and in the meantime to find therapies that help,” he says. “We want to make the lives of those with FOP easier for themselves and their families.” 

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