9th Annual Bingo for a Cure was AMAZING!

Posted March 22, 2016


This past Sunday, Joshua's Future of Promises team of over 80 volunteers hosted nearly 1,400 people and raised just shy of $115,000 for the IFOPA! (This is a grand total amount of all funds raised throughout a one year period consisting of all of their fundraising events and not just from the bingo).

"We also take great pride in knowing that we always get great feedback from our event," Chrissy Flexer shared. "People who attend are always impressed with how organized and smoothly the day runs. In addition the

y often comment on how friendly and eager to help the volunteers are. Many who attend say they can just feel the love and support the minute they walk into the building and for that we are extremely humbled!"

Since FOP is so rare, it was amazing to have 10 FOP people attend the event! Thank you to the following people and families for raising FOP awareness: Patrick Doerr, Lindsay Ruiz, Christine Lichtenberg, Joey Hollywood, AJ Gonzales, Jeanette Bordeau, Lisa Bordeau, Bobbi Johnson, Kathy Ford and Joshua Scoble. It was also special to have people from the UPenn FOP Lab attend the event.

Thanks to all who attended, baked, donated items for the raffles and those who donated their time!

Below are photos of Chrissy Flexer, Stacy Scoble and Joshua Scoble, the 80 wonderful volunteers and part of the attendees at Bingo For A Cure.




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