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Make a Difference as One of the First 100 Monthly Donors

Our monthly donors provide crucial, ongoing support to the IFOPA that helps fund important research and programs. We’re working toward the goal of 100 members on the Focus On Possibilities monthly giving team so we can do even more for people with FOP and their families.

As one of the founding members of the IFOPA and a current Board member, Nancy Sando has supported the FOP community in numerous ways over the years. She’s added monthly giving because it’s another opportunity to have an impact.

“I believe it makes a difference and I feel like I am doing what I can to encourage the staff and researchers. Their work matters to me,” said Nancy. “This makes me feel like I'm supporting our mission to find treatments, and eventually, a cure.”

The IFOPA currently has 82 amazing supporters who have joined the Focus On Possibilities team on the way to an inaugural 100 monthly donors. It’s simple to set up a monthly gift in any amount—and it’s an easy way to provide steady support for programs. Monthly donors also get to be among the first to hear important announcements.

“I find it helpful to hear research news that we are moving forward in discoveries. Fundraising successes are what we thrive on,” Nancy said.

Together, Partners in Possibilities donate nearly $4,000 each month. This is a level of giving most people can’t do on their own, but as a group, they can ensure vital funding for research and resources that benefit individuals with FOP and their families.

“It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a team to find a treatment! It takes many people donating so our organization can continue to raise awareness, educate and find a cure,” said Nancy. “I know what I can afford and making a monthly donation is a convenient way to do so. My monthly donation isn't huge, but if we all pitched in to give what we can, those dollars add up!”

The IFOPA is grateful for all of our generous monthly donors. If you’d like to join them and be part of the first 100, sign up today at ifopa.org/monthly_giving. For more information, email Fundraising and Special Projects Manager Cathryn Roys.


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