Please review the Top 5 Zoom Tips to Help Ensure an Enjoyable Experience 

Using Zoom for FOP Community Social Events

When in full screen mode, Zoom minimizes the bottom toolbar to create an immersive experience.  If you don’t see the bottom toolbar while in a meeting, here’s what you can do:

  1. On mobile devices, simply tap the screen of your Zoom meeting and the toolbar will appear. 
  2. On PC, simply move your mouse on the Zoom meeting screen to reveal the toolbar. 

Non-English speaking attendees can turn on translation in Zoom to gain access to written and audio translations.

Use these directions for how to turn on translation in a Zoom meeting

Non-English speakers will need the assistance of the meeting facilitator to participate in discussions on Zoom. To get the attention of the facilitator in your meeting and share your input click on the participants button on the lower toolbar and click on the "Raise Hand" button. Your meeting facilitator will adjust the translation services to ensure your fellow meeting attendees can understand you. After they have adjusted the translation service they will interject in the conversation to encourage you to share your input.

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