An Invitation from the 2021 FOP Family Gathering Success Council

Dear FOP Community Members,

Recent months have been difficult, especially for those of us living with, or caring for someone living with FOP. Because of COVID-19, many of us are more isolated than ever. That’s why we’re particularly excited for the 2021 Virtual Family Gathering. 

We hope you’ll join us, November 19th through 21st, in our safe and welcoming space where we can learn, make meaningful connections, and have fun. Attendees from around the world can make the most of this experience with the support of artificial intelligence translation in 19 languages. 

Despite all the ways to socialize online, sometimes it’s hard to form genuine connections. This year’s Family Gathering is a special chance to drown out all the distractions and noise by participating in something that has been created specifically with your needs in mind. 

Think of it as your peaceful place. Somewhere you can truly focus on a topic that’s important to you—because it’s important to everyone else there too. 

You’ll meet people from all parts of the FOP family and build friendships with others who have been where you’ve been. With these friends, you’ll never have to explain yourself or your worries. We’re all on a similar journey, learning and growing together. 

In times like these, it’s easy to feel helpless, but doing anything—no matter how big or small—can have an amazing impact. Whether that’s introducing yourself in the chat during a social event like Bingo, speaking up to share your experience in a small group discussion, or anything in between, there’s so much you can do now to create a brighter future for yourself and others living with FOP. 

Don’t worry about being new, knowledgeable enough, or anything else—just be there! 

On behalf of the Family Gathering Success Council, we hope you’ll join us November 19th through 21st to learn, make friends, have fun, and be part of a community that truly understands you. 


The 2021 Virtual FOP Family Gathering Success Council

Emma Albee, United States

Chris Bedford-Gay, United Kingdom

Danielle Coyne, United States

Steve Eichner United States

Manuel Robert, Argentina

Ram Shankar, India

Lara Theoret, Canada

P.S. Between small group sessions, workshops, social events, a virtual lounge, and more, we have so much in store for you! Be sure to check out this year’s agenda on the Family Gathering web page and sign up to participate

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