Scrolling to a Cure

After stumbling upon an FOP story online, Dina S. was moved to help


Scrolling through stories on Reddit, Dina S. came across one about uncommon disorders. Stopping for a closer look, she was introduced to Joey Sooch.
“His description of FOP shocked me,” she said. “I hadn’t heard about it before, but I wanted to find out more, so I read a bunch of his older Reddit posts and watched some of his YouTube videos.”
After learning more about Joey’s personal story as well as FOP in general, Dina was moved to act. 
“I saw how hopeless and trapped Joey felt, and I wanted to help him and others like him in some way,” she said.
She decided to become a member of our Focus on Possibilities monthly giving team to help fund research toward a cure and to support people with FOP. As she learns more about FOP, she appreciates the benefits membership provides. In particular, she likes how easy it is to stay informed on the latest news and research updates.
“Donating monthly is very convenient. I just set it up once, and it automatically continues every month,” she said. “I enjoy the amount of communication from the IFOPA — not too much, but enough to keep me interested.”
As Dina becomes more familiar with FOP, she realizes the importance of ongoing research.
After looking into the progress that's been made, Dina realized the FOP community is still working towards treatments and a cure. “I know research takes time, so I want to contribute on a monthly basis to help it happen,” she said.  
As a monthly donor, she adds to a steady and reliable source of funding to support new findings and breakthroughs. She is happy to play a role in realizing a brighter future for Joey and others with FOP.
The IFOPA is grateful for the generous monthly support of donors like Dina. If you’d like to become a Partner in Possibilities, visit For more information, contact Community Fundraising Manager Cathryn Roys at [email protected].

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