Losing Scrabble Leads to a Win for the FOP Community

An unexpected result in a game of Scrabble led Lindsey Quinn to become a monthly donor to the IFOPA to support her friend, Kyle, who has FOP. In honor of World Friendship Day on July 30, she hopes to inspire more people to join her on the Focus On Possibilities team.

“A few years back, I couldn’t get anyone to play Scrabble with me because I always win I’ve memorized Scrabble word lists, I have multiple English degrees and I’ve got a mile-wide competitive streak,” recalled Lindsey.

“Assuming it was a safe bet, I wagered Kyle $20 to nothing that he couldn’t beat me.”

The two played several games of Scrabble. Lindsey won at first, but eventually lost the bet and paid up. Kyle used the money to buy a video game they could play together. A few weeks later, they were drawn back to Scrabble and Kyle won again. This time, Kyle wouldn’t accept the money, so Lindsey decided to follow his lead and put it toward something they would both appreciate.

“I thought I’d donate the money to the IFOPA instead. When I went to the website, I saw the monthly donation option and I’ve been a monthly donor since,” Lindsey said.

Like all monthly donors, Lindsey is among the first to receive announcements from the IFOPA. She appreciates hearing about the news that makes a difference in Kyle’s life and is especially interested in updates on research and clinical trials. She especially likes how monthly giving simplifies supporting the IFOPA.

“The best part about being a monthly donor is the convenience,” stated Lindsey.

“I only had to sign up once, and I don’t need to try to remember a password or retype my bank information. I’m not great with technology, but it was easy to set up.”

Lindsey may have lost at Scrabble, but she feels it’s really a win-win. She gives what she can, and it’s combined with all the other monthly donors to make a significant, positive impact for the FOP community.

“I would — and do — encourage everyone to be a monthly donor because I like the idea of the IFOPA being able to count on having a certain budget every month so they can strategize and make the most of the donations,” Lindsey said.

“It supports amazing work!”

The IFOPA is thankful for the wonderful generosity of our monthly donors. We welcomed the first 100 members to the Focus On Possibilities team in May. Let’s keep the momentum going and reach 125 in 2021! Sign up to become a monthly donor. For more information, contact Fundraising and Special Projects Manager Cathryn Roys or call +1 843 709 3244.



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