You're Never Too Young to Set the Example of Giving

No matter your age, giving back is a great way to serve others and help a cause that's dear to your heart. Board Member Kerry Hueston's daughters have already embraced this beautiful act. Kerry and his wife have set an example of charitable giving for their daughters, and they've taught them the value of finding ways to help others. One of their favorite ways is by donating their birthdays, which they both did during the summer to benefit the IFOPA.

"It’s a great way to teach the girls about giving and the impact that thoughtful donations can have on organizations and people that we care about," Kerry said. "And the girls say they like that they're able to help people and support good work."

The Hueston girls chose to use Share Your Wish as their way to ask for donations instead of birthday gifts, and they encourage others to follow their example. If your child is interested in donating your birthday, visit for more information.

Thank you to the Hueston family for all you do to help those with FOP and their families and caregivers.


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