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Mike Williams Gives in Memory of Shay Williams

Losing a loved one is never easy, but sometimes finding a positive way for a person to live on can be helpful in the process of grieving. Mike Williams is honoring the life of his cousin, Shay, who had FOP and recently passed away, by supporting the IFOPA as a member of the Focus On Possibilities team. With National Grief Awareness Day on August 30, he hopes more people will consider becoming a monthly donor to remember someone dear to them.

“Shay is a first-cousin, but he was our little brother among myself and older sister and older brother,” said Mike.

“He was always a part of our family gatherings, especially holidays and vacations. The donation is a way to honor Shay for what he meant to me and my family.”

Monthly donors are among the first to receive announcements, news and success stories from the IFOPA. Mike appreciates this, especially the updates on clinical trials and research. The communication allows him to see that his donations are advancing research and providing people living with FOP and their families with the resources they need.

Setting up a monthly gift in any amount to fit any budget is simple, and the automatic donation each month makes supporting the FOP community convenient for everyone who joins the Focus On Possibilities team. Together, the gifts from this team add up over time and they are a vital, steady source of funding for the IFOPA’s programs and services.

Mike has found it meaningful to partner with others to make a real and significant difference for everyone with FOP.

“The best part of being a monthly donor is just knowing that we are able to contribute in some way to support the work of the IFOPA,” Mike stated. 

“I wish I was involved before Shay’s passing, but I am glad to be able to contribute now.”

The IFOPA is grateful for the amazing generosity of all our monthly donors. It’s very exciting that we welcomed the first 100 members to the Focus On Possibilities team by May. Let’s keep the momentum going and reach 125 in 2021! Sign up at For more information, contact Fundraising and Special Projects Manager Cathryn Roys.






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