'Important Work' Motivates Monthly Donor to Give

Emma Albee knows even just a few dollars add up to something great

Emma Albee has donated to the IFOPA since receiving her own diagnosis. Throughout the years, as she sought community and more information on her condition, Emma became increasingly involved. Inspired by her experience with the IFOPA's programs and services, she decided to become a monthly donor to give more regularly.  

“In the last few years, I’ve seen all the important work the IFOPA does, and I wanted to support that,” she said. “Being a monthly donor makes that easy because I don’t have to remember to give, it happens automatically.”

In addition to the convenience, Emma enjoys gaining quick and easy access to new information. As a member of the Focus on Possibilities monthly giving team, she is among the first people to receive IFOPA news.
“Not only can I learn about program outcomes and clinical trial updates, but I also like being able to stay informed on events like FOP Family Gathering that give me the opportunity to see so many people and make connections and learn,” she said.
After years supporting and being involved with the IFOPA, Emma knows that one simple action, like making a small monthly gift, can lead to significant and meaningful progress. Her gifts, along with those from other monthly donors, provide critical and reliable funding to support IFOPA services and programs that improve the lives of everyone living with FOP.
“Being a monthly donor makes it so easy to support the great work the IFOPA does,” she said. “It’s the perfect opportunity to start small—even just a few dollars over 12 months add up, and once you see all the great things your gifts support, you can increase the amount.”
The IFOPA is thankful for the incredible generosity of our monthly donors. We welcomed the first 100 members to the Focus On Possibilities team in May. Let’s keep the momentum going and reach 125 by the end of 2021! Sign up at ifopa.org/monthly_giving. For more information, contact Community Fundraising Manager Cathryn Roys at [email protected].

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