IFOPA Provides Meaningful Grief Support

National Grief Awareness Day is Tuesday, August 30—if you are grieving a loved one, the IFOPA hopes you’ll join in. 

The IFOPA community is a family. When one of us is touched by grief, we are always ready to offer comfort and encouragement. Our commitment to be there for one another—in times of both joy and heartache—is what makes the FOP community special. 

When my daughter died from complications of FOP, I felt devastated and so alone. With the help of the IFOPA, however, I was able to connect with others who had similarly lost their loved ones. This has been a great source of support and strength while I adapt to navigating the world as a bereaved parent.  

Karen Munro, Mother of Miranda who passed away from FOP complications in 2020

This year, National Grief Awareness Day is Tuesday, August 30. As it approaches, please know that if you are grieving, there are resources to relieve your burden or support you in the continued journey that takes place over time. Whether you choose to grieve privately or with others’ support, these programs can help:

  • The 2022 Memorial Butterfly Release on Tuesday, August 30: We will come together and release butterflies to commemorate loved ones we have lost. As a celebration of life, the release is an opportunity to join those who understand your experience to help with the grieving process. No matter how long ago you experienced a loss, you are welcome to participate.
  • The FOP Bereaved Families Private Group: Managed by FOP community members Marilyn Hair and Nancy Sando, this group is open to family and close friends of loved ones who have passed away. It is a space in which to share, find support and get to know one another. To learn more about the group or contact the leaders about joining a future meeting please reach out to Marilyn Hair at [email protected]
  • Suncatcher & Card: The IFOPA will send a suncatcher and card—either printed or electronic—that has been signed by community members to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.
  • In Remembrance: There is an “In Remembrance” page on the IFOPA website, where you are invited to submit a photo of your loved one.
  • Other Online Resources: Visit the IFOPA website to explore other resources including readings, meditations, activities and more.

Grief is something we will all experience. It is inevitable; but lasting pain is not. We encourage you to take advantage of these resources to help you keep the memory of your loved one alive, while finding strength, comfort and community to move forward with a lighter heart.

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