IFOPA Founding Member builds on decades-long support

Monthly donor gives year after year—encourages others to join her

Monica Anderson was diagnosed with FOP as a child. She went on to become one of the 10 Founding Members who joined Jeannie Peeper in forming the IFOPA. Thirty-four years later, she continues to support the organization to help fund important research and encourage others to join her.
As a monthly donor, Monica appreciates the ease of giving and the difference she can make on an ongoing basis.  
“It’s convenient for me, and it’s helpful to the organization,” said Monica. “Monthly donors are more likely to give year over year. This is helpful for the organization to have a sustained impact.”
Additionally, Monica knows that as a monthly donor, she is a valued member of a welcoming community.
“It allows the FOP community to get to know you,” she said. “And the IFOPA helps to make you feel like family!”
Being so closely connected allows Monica to see how her donations are put to work and to stay up to date on issues that affect her. She hopes others touched by FOP take the opportunity to realize the same benefits.
“I would encourage someone to be a monthly donor because it establishes a rapport with the organization,” she said. “You can ask questions that are important to you, so you are informed about the research being done.”
For Monica, it is the combination of knowledge gained and connection that make her experience so worthwhile.

“The updates and information that are important to me are research and clinical trial updates, program outcomes, and profiles of members, especially since we don’t live in the same state or country,” she said.

Most of all, as a member of the Focus on Possibilities monthly giving team, Monica looks forward to the day she is informed that a cure has been discovered. Until then, she continues to play her part in helping to make that a reality.
The IFOPA is grateful for the generous monthly support of donors like Monica. If you’d like to become a Partner in Possibilities, visit ifopa.org/monthly_giving. For more information, contact Fundraising and Special Projects Manager Cathryn Roys at [email protected].

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