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Resilient Living Sensory Self-Care Series

Sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. These five senses bring so much to our lives. Being aware of our senses can help us build a practice of self-care which can be easily become a part of our existing daily routine and habits. 

Join IFOPA Family Services Manager Hope Newport, FOP community members and special guest speakers for a 6-week series where we’ll focus on the five senses and how we can use them to create a habit of self-care to help get us through the tough times.

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Self-care is an important part of our lives, whether it be some ‘me time’, reading a new book or listening to some relaxing music. For me, I have really benefited from self care not only to support FOP stressors but also to help improve my mental health. I’ve suffered with anxiety over the recent years and self-care has definitely been a way that helped to manage this. Anxiety, stress and worry I’ve found triggers my flare ups so finding some self-care activities, de-stress me and help me to divert my negative thoughts into positive ones. 

Luciana Wulkan, Young adult living with FOP, United Kingdom

Each weekly meeting will include:

  • Group chat time: We'll start with introductions and an ice breaker question to help get the conversation going. This question will help us all build an awareness of how that week's sense impacts us.
  • Learning Lessons: 30-minute mini-presentations by “topic teachers” who come to share what they know about a specific aspect of support related to that week's sense 
  • Reflection Time: We'll wrap up the session by making a plan to incorporate new learnings, hearing feedback and answering questions from one another and troubleshooting barriers we might have in mind that would prevent us from succeeding at self-care. 

Weekly Topics and Sense-Based Support Examples:

  • Week 4: Taste: Nutrition
    • The food you eat has a tremendous impact on how you feel. Understand how food affects you and learn strategies for getting more energy. Learn how eating an anti-inflammatory diet can effectively reduce stress and raise energy.
  • Week 5: Touch: Massage and Therapeutic Touch
    • We’ll explore different sensations and types of touch and how they support us in a variety of ways. Content will vary for caregivers (simple massage techniques to relieve stress) and individuals with FOP (assistance dogs and energy medicine techniques)
  • Week 6: Next Steps
    • We'll reflect on all that we've learned together and discuss the next steps to help attendees implement new information into their long-term support toolkit!

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