Childhood Trauma Series

Understanding and Supporting Your Child Through Trauma

For many children with FOP and their siblings, trauma is an unfortunate, and at times unavoidable, part of childhood. Whether that trauma is the result of a medical experience, a loss of movement or occurs by witnessing or interacting with a medically compromised sibling, it can have lasting effects on the individual. This three-part series we explore how to proactively address trauma, how to support your child in processing traumatic experiences and how to FOP-related trauma impacts the family unit including siblings

In the first of three sessions in this series we focus on the impact of trauma and the different ways that children in the FOP community may be exposed to traumatic experiences.

In the second of three sessions in this series, we focus on the stage of healing for children in the FOP community who have experienced trauma

In the third and final session in this series, we focus on ways for caregivers to manage stress reactions and safeguard themselves from emotional exhaustion while caring for children who have experienced trauma.

Explaining FOP to Children

In addition to the series presented by Susan we're fortunate to have a resource from child life specialist, recreational therapist and FOP community sibling Alexis Gonzales on explaining FOP to children. These resources can be valuable in the prevention of childhood trauma.

Watch the presentation and access additional resources here.

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