Jeannie Peeper Award Categories and Process

The Jeannie Peeper Awards recognize those who make exceptional contributions to the worldwide FOP community through their leadership, service, fundraising, awareness-building and other accomplishments.

These awards are named in honor of Jeannie Peeper in recognition of her initiative, leadership, vision and courage as Founder of the International FOP Association.

Individual awards and the selection process are detailed below. The President's Lifetime Leadership Award is selected by Jeannie Peeper. For all other award categories, nominations are sought from the FOP community and winners are selected by the Jeannie Peeper Awards Committee. Every selection criterion does not need to be satisfied for an award to be given. See the list of past winners

We are now taking nominations for the 2021 Jeannie Peeper Awards!

The nomination deadline is Friday, May 14.


President’s Lifetime Leadership Award

Selected by the IFOPA's Founder, Jeannie Peeper

Those who receive this special award are honored by the IFOPA President Emeritus for an enduring history of exceptional leadership in the FOP community.  Recipients of the award, personally selected by the IFOPA President Emeritus, have been active in promoting philanthropy by example or word in the FOP community thereby encouraging others to assume leadership roles and increase FOP community involvement. This award may also be given for a record of meritorious service to the FOP cause in political, entertainment, sports, medical or other similar arenas.  

Outstanding Community Involvement Award

This honor is presented to an organization, family or individual for promoting and maintaining a high standard of FOP community involvement that includes fundraising and/or awareness activities. To be eligible for this award, a major fundraising project must have been completed or exceptional FOP community service performed within the past five years. 

Selection criteria:  

  • Organized major fundraising or program-related activities to benefit the IFOPA in the past five years 
  • Demonstrated innovation and creativity in solving a problem or meeting a need in the FOP community
  • Engaged in and encourages volunteerism in the FOP community
  • Developed creative fundraising or awareness solutions that may serve as a model for others
  • Encouraged and motivated others to assume leadership roles in philanthropy and increase community involvement

Inspiring Leadership Award

This honor is presented to an individual with FOP who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to improving the quality of life in the FOP community and/or whose personal achievements in the face of adversity are outstanding. The recipient is one whose volunteerism or courageous example serves to encourage and motivate others.

Selection Criteria:  

  • Has FOP
  • Organized fundraising or programmatic efforts to benefit the IFOPA
  • Noteworthy personal or academic achievements in the face of adversity
  • Demonstrated innovation and creativity in problem solving or meeting needs in the FOP community
  • Encouraged volunteerism, fundraising or community support to others in their local community or the FOP community
  • Developed creative fundraising or awareness solutions that may serve as a model for others
  • Encouraged and motivated others through leading by example and being a role model

Outstanding International Leadership Award

This honor is presented to an individual, family or group that has shown outstanding leadership by making significant contributions to the FOP cause in awareness activities, fundraising or other meritorious services outside of the United States in the international community. Americans are eligible for this award if their relevant service has occurred in the international community.

Selection criteria:

  • Increased awareness, education or funding in the international community
  • Taken a leadership role in serving those in the international community
  • Shown innovation and creativity in problem solving or meeting needs in the FOP community 

Selection Committee and Process

The Awards Selection Committee is comprised of FOP community members, including a member of the IFOPA's Board of Directors. Jeannie Peeper is Honorary Chairperson of the Selection Committee.  

The Selection Committee shall ensure that it considers at least two candidates for each award. If less than two candidates are nominated for an award, the Committee shall add deserving candidates as necessary. 

Board members and the general membership are invited to assist the Committee by submitting nominations. A nominator shall indicate how the nominee meets the relevant criteria for the award in question. As noted above, every selection criterion does not need to be satisfied for an award to be given. Information about fundraising events organized, funds raised or donated, media exposure, publications (hard copy or electronic), local community recognition, educational accomplishments, other awards received and any similar evidence should be provided to assist the Selection Committee in its work. 

Self-nominations are not allowed. No award winner in any category may be considered for another award for five years. 

All information identifying those nominating or supporting nominations shall be removed by the Committee Chair before nominations are provided to the Committee. 

Every award will not necessarily be given every year. 

Since the spirit of the Jeannie Peeper Awards is to embrace and recognize volunteers and supporters both within and outside our immediate FOP community, neither membership in the IFOPA nor country of residence is a criterion for any award. 

Awards will take the form of an item appropriate for office, lobby or home display, and other intangible expressions of appreciation such as a personal message from the President Emeritus. No cash honorarium is part of any award. 

Names of the recipients of each award will be permanently posted in a prominent position on the association website and in other ways as may prove suitable. On the advice of each recipient, a press release may be provided to local media. 


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