“All in, We Win!”

The Hollywood family encourages everyone to do their part

Facing a con
dition like FOP requires support from family and friends. It helps to have an understanding and compassionate community on your side, too. As monthly donors, Suzanne Hollywood and her family are proud members of ours.

Part of the Focus on Possibilities monthly giving team, the Hollywood family appreciates the convenience monthly giving provides.

“The ease is great!” said Suzanne. “Our gift is automatically withdrawn every month. It takes out all the work.”
Suzanne knows that it’s not about the dollar amount of each gift. It’s about consistency. With support from monthly donors, the IFOPA can help make life better for Suzanne’s son Joe and others with FOP.
“Every single donation helps, regardless of the amount,” she said. “As members of the FOP community, we want to do our part, and it’s so important that each of us does — all in, we win!”
Staying connected and finding ways to support the FOP community is easy for monthly donors, who are the first to receive updates from the IFOPA. Suzanne cherishes this member benefit.
“I find everything the IFOPA does to be important and the information it provides of interest,” she said. “As the mother of a child with FOP, staying up to date on clinical and research progress as well as IFOPA events, programs and success stories is a priority.”
When combined with other monthly gifts, the Hollywoods’ regular contributions provide reliable and critical funds used to advance important IFOPA programs and projects.
“This is important to us because we are contributing to a better future for Joe and others with FOP,” said Suzanne. “We are committed to supporting the IFOPA and its many life-changing initiatives.”
The IFOPA is thankful for the incredible generosity of our monthly donors. We welcomed the first 100 members to the Focus On Possibilities team in May. Let’s keep the momentum going! Sign up at ifopa.org/monthly_giving. For more information, contact Fundraising and Special Projects Manager Cathryn Roys at [email protected].

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