Recommendations for Improving Lung Health

Following the most recent announcement from the International Clinical Council on FOP regarding COVID-19 precautions for FOP families we want to share these important resource for improving lung health.

  • Practice deep breathing 
    1. Sing
    2. Do the 3 simple exercises for adults shared in this 5-minute video by FOP mom Marie Fahlberg from Sweden.
    3. Play this fun game with children. Want to create a beautiful piece of art while you exercise your lungs? Mix water, a small amount of dish soap and washable paint in the cup. Place a piece of paper underneath the cup and watch it overflow with colored bubbles as the child blows in the straw!
  • Use a spirometer or peak flow whistle (for children under the age of 12). Here are two spirometers commonly used in the community:


You can find written instructions for use here.

View a video demonstration by FOP medical expert Dr. Edward Hsiao on how to use a spirometer.                                                                        

Peak Flow Whistle


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